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Beer Burgers with Spicy Havarti Cheese

Who doesn’t love a spicy, juicy burger and a cold beer? This classic summer combo gets a creative twist in this recipe! With beer mixed in with ground beef and topped with spicy havarti cheese and all the fixin’s, this burger is destined to become it’s own summer classic.

Beer Burgers with Spicy Havarti Cheese

Prep Time 5-10 min  
Cook Time 12-15 min
Ready In  20 min
Yields  4 servings


    • ½ pound of ground beef
    • ½ of pound of ground pork
    • ½ cup of your favourite beer
    • 1 tsp seasoning salt
    • 1 tsp of ground pepper
    • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
    • ½ cup of crushed Breton Veggie Crackers
    • 4 slices of Havarti Cheese with Jalapeño Peppers


      1. Pre-heat your grill to medium to medium-high heat.
      2. In a large bowl combine all ingredients except the cheese slices.
      3. Shape the meat mixture into 4 equal burger patties.
      4. Cook the patties on the BBQ for 12 minutes (medium) – 15 minutes (well-done).
      5. Place a slice of cheese on each patty and let it cook for 1 minute or until cheese is melted.
      6. Remove from BBQ and enjoy with your favourite toppings!

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